A before and after of one of our lip filler clients. We added one syringe of product to create an overall more voluminous effect.

Using one syringe of filler, we increased the size of the upper lip for more overall symmetry, and added volume for a more pronounced pout.

Restylane Silk did a beautiful job of filling in these vertical upper lip creases. After half a syringe, the results are significant and achieved a more youthful appearance.


Using Dysport injections, we softened the frown and forehead lines of this client giving her an overall more smooth and restored look.

Dysport injections in the forehead and frown lines between the eyes eliminate the fine lines that our facial expressions form over time.

This client got Dysport injections in her forehead, brows and frown lines to erase and prevent fine lines. She also got two injections above her upper lip to raise her lip line prior to lip fillers.


Our client received DCA Injections to help reduce the fatty areas under her jowls and chin. Her side profile is already noticeably more refined after only one treatment, showing a visible reduction in sagging and protrusions.

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