PRP Injections are one of the most natural types of injectables on the market, as they are made from your own cells. This treatment uses injections of your own platelet rich plasma into areas of your skin/face/scalp to promote collagen production and smooth fine lines. PRP is great for overall facial rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of scars, dark circles and hyperpigmentation while restoring facial volume.

How does it work? First, we will take a sample of your own blood at our clinic, and spin that sample in our state of the art centrifuge - separating the plasma from the other blood cells. The plasma is then transferred to a syringe and immediately used for injections. There are no added substances or chemicals to these treatments.

Best results come from 3 treatments spaced out 1-2 months apart. Great results can also be achieved by pairing this treatment together with microneedling.

Our PRP treatments are done exclusively at our Sherwood Park location, please contact us for a quote and consultation. 


PRP Injections for Hair Loss:

For the same reasons PRP helps with issues of the skin, they also help with issues of the scalp. When injected directly into the scalp, PRP injection treatments are great at stimulating hair growth. The injections are used in reduced areas of growth or thickness, using your own cells to stimulate increased hair growth, density and quality. 

Best results come from 3-6 treatments spaced 1-2 months apart. Please contact us for a consultation and quote. This service is only performed at our Sherwood Park location.