Botulinum toxin Injections:
Commonly referred to as “Botox”, these injections are famous for their effectiveness in reducing wrinkles by blocking signals to muscles and preventing them from contracting. However, these non-invasive injections have many cosmetic and medical applications beyond combatting wrinkles. LatitudeNP offers a variety of botulinum toxin injections from several trusted brands for a wide range of treatment options chosen to fit each clients individual needs, including more organic and pure products.
Common treatments include areas of the face that are prone to wrinkles such as the forehead, frown lines etc. Also these injections can be used in the jaw and armpits to help treat TMJ pain and Hyperhidrosis.


Dermal Fillers:
Injectable dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers injected into the skin at different depths to help fill in facial wrinkles, provide volume, augment facial features and plump the skin. They consist of a naturally occurring substance called Hyaluronic Acid, which provides instant results.
LatitudeNP utilizes different brands and formulas of dermal Fillers in order to achieve the best results for each client based on their individual criteria and also offers organic and vegan products.
Common areas of treatment include the lips, cheeks and areas of deep wrinkles and lines of the face.

Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) Injections:
Commonly referred to as “The Vampire Face Lift”, Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) uses injections of your own platelet rich plasma into areas of your skin/face to promote collagen production and smooth fine lines by stimulating new cell growth.
PRP treatments are also used as hair loss treatments, injected directly into the scalp in areas of reduced hair growth or thickness.
Best results from these treatments require multiple sessions spaced 1-2 months apart.
We currently only offer PRP injections at our Sherwood Park Location.

Deoxycholic Acid (DCA) Injections:
DCA Injections are used to reduce and destroy fat cells. DCA is a manmade form of an acid our bodies make to destroy fat in the foods that we eat, as an injection it destroys excess fat cells that our body has stored. 
The most common area treated by these injections is the jowl and submental area (chin) to reduce the appearance of facial fullness and excess fat, providing a more defined chin/neckline.
Best results of this treatment can be observed after multiple sessions.

PDO Thread Lifts:
PDO Thread Lifts are the newest Non-Surgical face lift technique available in Canada! This minimally invasive alternative to surgery provides comparable results to a facelift, but are less dramatic, temporary and require very little recovery time.
Interested in trying this treatment out and being one of our first models? Please contact us!


Looking for a more organic  approach?

Maybe you have chronic medical conditions and are nervous about using dermal fillers? Maybe you don’t like the idea of adding unnecessary products to your body ? Maybe you are passionate about a world that discourages animal testing ?


Check out of Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) section. This technique uses your own platelet rich plasma to increase collagen production and smooth fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating new cell growth. This technique uses only your own cells and is an organic approach to skin and facial rejuvenation.


Also, Xeomin is one Neurotoxin that doesn’t add any extra protein to its product, making it more pure. It is made by Mertz Pharmaceuticals who is in the process of switching their method of testing for a 95% reduction in animal testing.


Think injectables are

just for the ladies?


Medical Aesthetics are not just for ladies !


Research is telling us that more and more men every year are using medical aesthetic treatments to minimize frown lines, treat migraine headaches, treat hyperhidrosis (excess sweating to underarms, palms and feet), to promote hair growth and to improve their skin quality.